Fair for
January 6 & 7, 2024
Beurs van Berlage

Fair for special journeys 2024

11:00 - 18:30
10:00 - 18:00

The aim of this 'holiday fair for special trips' is to create an environment where mass tourism does not set the tone, but where quality and authenticity are chosen selectively!

You can visit the special travel holiday fair live. In Amsterdam in Beurs van Berlage on 6 and 7 January. You can also make a virtual journey with the 5 star compass. With a selected trip at the bottom of this page on the 5 star platform.

At this special holiday fair you will not find any tourist information stands, but almost exclusively specialized tour operators, who often offer a country or a type of travel and know everything about it! In addition to going off the beaten track, 'special' also means that your journey only starts in the country or area of arrival. These are often active holidays and not sitting or beach holidays.

'Special' also means that you are guided past tourist 'highlights' that you can get from a guide, but through customization that gets to know facets of a country that only an expert can tell you.

Be surprised on two fantastic days where you also have the opportunity to choose from approx. 250 'live presentations' about unknown parts of Europe and parts of the world that are often cheaper than you think! 'Special' means: gaining refreshing new experiences!