Fair for Special Journeys Amsterdam 2023

The Amsterdam Fair for Special Journeys 2023

Beurs van Berlage
January 7 and 8, 2023

Saturday January 7
11.00 – 18.30 h
Sunday January 8
10.00 – 18.00 h

The purpose of this ‘Fair for Special Journeys’ concept is to create an environment selectively chosen for quality, rather than for mass tourism.

At this special holiday fair you will not find touristic infostands, but exclusively specialized touroperators. They really know all about the countries that they offer.

‘Special’ means, besides walking unknown trails, – off the beaten track –, that your trip only starts in the country or area of ​​arrival. They are often active holidays and no seaside or beach holidays.

It also means that you will be redirected to avoid tourist ‘highlights’ that you can get from a guide. Instead, a customized journey will be prepared so you will get to know a country in a way that only an expert can tell you.

Get inspired in two fantastic days, where you also have the opportunity to choose from around 250 live shows about unknown pieces of Europe and parts of the world that are often cheaper than you think! ‘Special’ means: acquiring refreshing new experiences!

‘Special’ outdoor experience

In the beautiful Beurs van Berlage we have a room, the "Grainbeurszaal", entirely devoted to everything that you can do outside and that will make your heart beat faster.

You can book diving trips to Malaysia here, and you can talk to dive specialists who will show you fantastic trips around the world that you have never thought of. At the same time you can expand your journey with e.g. a 3-day "building block" Borneo at another specialist, to put together an optimal mix for your specific travel wish.

For example, if you want to cycle a week in Thailand, Tanzania, Morocco or just through Germany, you will meet the specialists here, and a combination is quickly made by adding a Zanzibar building block: antique colonial hotels and a sea full of sharks. "Particularly outdoor" means that you discover the pearls of the world that you do not yet know ... on a 9-day trek through Northern Ethiopia: your private chef and guide will travel with you and three donkeys for your luggage. You walk through a pre-biblical landscape and you can hardly imagine that this is still possible today, and all for an amount that is lower than a minimal hotel in London or Paris.

In short: if you have a weakness for everything that is "off the beaten track", then this is the place for you to reorient yourself!