Exhibitor rates

We want to try to keep a great simplicity in our pricing policy and strive to make the fairs accessible to everyone.
There are three types of stands:
A) Booths or also marketstands that you can see on Google pics
B) Heavy scaffolding wood tables in three sizes
C) Pavilions per m2 including electricity

The spaces in the Beurs van Berlage and also those in the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen have a stage for performances.
Rows of colorful market stands are set up in the halls. These stands are approximately 3 meters long and 2.5 meters deep and 2.5 meters high and have a roof. The top or shelves can be removed if necessary. Not the roof. The height of the blade is 70 cm from the ground.

These stands can be rented for € 1010 - ex VAT > Electricity and high-speed internet are included with these stands. We have special equipment, fiberglass, so that the quality is guaranteed. In addition, there is a contribution from € 89,- for all media expressions of the fair in the newspapers. So the total amount is € 1099,-

It is also possible to share stands with another organization. The price for a shared stand is € 549,- + the media contribution of € 65,- so together € 614,- + VAT

B) Scaffolding tables
There are three sizes of tables.
I) (private) length 1.80m and width 70cm, price is € 790,-. This price includes 2 or 4 chairs as desired, electricity and high speed internet.
II) (private) length 2.40m, otherwise the same as option I). Price € 999,-
III) (shared table) Budget variant: 1.20m (half of the large table) € 550,-

Options include seats, internet, marketing and 50 free entrance tickets for your guests.

C) Pavilions per m2 In Nijmegen and Amsterdam (very limited) a limited amount of square meters is available, where you have the opportunity to build your own individual stand. In principle, a maximum of approx. 15m2 is available for the size of the stands. We charge a unit price of € 105 per square meter + the media contribution of € 94.-.
Common formats are, for example, 4x3 or 5x4 meters.
Please state clearly on the application form on the homepage.

Booking presentations for your organization is possible from a fixed date, this year from 25 September 09:00. Requests that come in earlier cannot be processed by us. We treat in order of arrival. Presentations are part of connecting a targeted audience with your offer in an interactive way. Presentations cost € 75, - for the first presentation and € 100,- for the follow-up presentations.

The first presentation will be € 99,- and its follow-up presentations € 125,-

A presentation lasts 25 minutes and a laptop , microphone and beamer are available . You only need to bring a stick.

The Media Rooms, nine units, are accessible to everyone and provide the opportunity to give a specific presentation. We print the program in NRC Handelsblad.

Country guide: On our website you will find 'the country guide', which gives a description of your company in 90 words plus your logo. There is also a participation list with click-through links here. No additional costs are charged for this.

Useful links for participants