Exhibitor rates

We would like to have our fairs affordable for everyone; therefore, we are keeping our pricing very low and straightforward.

The spaces of the Big Church in Breda and the Beurs van Berlage, just as the Westerpark in Amsterdam, are rectangular and have a stage in the middle for all performances and some presentations.

Ready-made stands or ‘market stalls’ are available for your ease. The stands are 3 m long, 2.5 m wide, and ~2.5 m high. The pictures on this page provide a visual description of our stands, which are noticeably different from traditional booths.

The stands can be rented for € 910,-

The price of the stand includes electricity and high-speed Internet using the latest technology and guaranteed by our expert on-site staff to provide you with any assistance the day of the fairs. In addition to the stand fee, we provide extensive media marketing via Internet, magazines, and newspapers for € 89,-, bringing the total participation price for our fair to € 999,- for the year 2020. In Amsterdam, these stands create a nice ambiance for visitors because they complement the traditional structure of the building: the oldest stock exchange market of Amsterdam.

Therefore, for the all-inclusive basic package for € 999,- you get (i.) your company stand (3m x 2.5m), (ii.) electricity and high-speed internet, (iii.) extensive media marketing including your name being digitally published with a precise description of your company and logo, (iv.) twenty free tickets for employees and/or trade relations, and (v.) the right to book presentations of your organization. Presentations cost € 75,- for the first one and € 100,- for the rest.

We have developed the following offer for organizations that want to be present but have a limited budget: two companies can share a stand for only 50% of the stand price. This calculates to € 499 plus € 65,- marketing fee, bringing it to a total price of € 564,-. The resulting space available for each company is 1.5 m for front and background displays.

If you would like to participate in both Amsterdam and Breda fairs, we offer € 100 discount on the all-inclusive basic package! (not valid for shared stands)

Additionally, Friday afternoon is a free stand build-up day from noon onwards.

The positions of stands will be determined on a first-come first-serve basis, so the sooner you book the better for securing good locations. You can follow the growing number of participants in the tab at the top on this webpage.

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